Health-E Vend is pleased to offer a premium line of Healthy Products for your enjoyment.  What you put into your body greatly influences how it performs, how it maintains your health, and how long you live.

We work with the nation’s leading health food distributor to provide the most popular healthy food choices.  Our products use the same distribution channels that supply your favorite Health Food Store such as Whole Foods Market and Outpost Natural Foods.

Many of our products are recognized and certified in the food industry to comply with the following standards: 

 Certified Naturally Grown      Certified Vegan   Whole Grain Source   USDA Organic  Kosher    NO GMOs  Certified Gluten-Free

We offer a full range of top name choices of healthy products.  We have access to thousands of individual single serve items in all of the latest popular healthy brands.   We can stock each machine to reflect the needs of each specific location.

Here’s just a small sample of our products…

Clif Nutrition Bars Photo Health E Vend Health E Vend Chips Fruit Snacks Photo Health E Vend Cookie Photos Health E Vend
Nutrition Bars Chips  Fruit Cookies
Cereal Bars Snacks Health E Vend Cracker Snacks Health-E Vend Seeds and Nuts Heatlh E Vend Water Health E Vend
Cereal/Granola   Crackers  Seeds/Nuts/Jerky Water
Natural Soda Health E Vend Juices Health E Vend Noodles Mac & Cheese Health E Vend Soup Cup Health E Vend
Natural Sodas Juices Noodles Soup