Healthy Vending Solutions

Health-E Vend Vending Machine

Health-E Vend is southeast Wisconsin’s premier vending company that is exclusively offering the best healthy food and beverage options for your facility. We are changing the concept that vending machines are junk food machines – our machines are healthy fueling stations for the body.


It’s good business and it’s free!

Health-E Vend can help improve your company’s bottom line in many ways without any cost or obligation on your behalf.  

Healthcare is the most expensive benefit paid by U.S. businesses for their employees.  Individuals' health problems and their associated costs, continues to grow, but we can choose to turn this around.  Most companies recognize that employee Health & Wellness is an investment that pays dividends and helps the company’s profitability.

Studies have shown that employers who utilize worksite health promotion programs showed an average:

  • 27 % reduction in sick leave absenteeism.
  • 26 % reduction in health care costs.
  • 32 % reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management cost claims.
  • $5.81-to-$1 ROI ratio.

All of this adds up to a more productive workforce and a healthier bottom line.

We are a small part of comprehensive Health & Wellness programs, but a very important part. What you put into your body greatly influences how it performs, how it maintains your health, and how long you live. If you are ready to learn more about how Health-E Vend can help with promoting healthier lifestyle and eating habits in the workplace,
please contact us.